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Harrison Tayse PHF Support

Harrison Tayse

Harrison Tayse, a young Navy Sailor, may be left with permanent physical injuries after a brutal stabbing at Naval Base Kitsap (Bremerton, WA) on January 27, 2024.

Yet, although he nearly died during this attack, the military is now charging Harrison for defending himself and his friend from the assailant – and Harrison’s career, his benefits, and his future are at stake … …

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Brandon Doulaki PHF Support

Brandon Doulaki

********LATEST UPDATE********

Brandon received a victory - see his video here

Lieutenant Brandon Doulaki is a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) who enlisted in the Navy in 2011. He first served as a Sea Bee, and he was so successful that he received a commission in 2014 as a SWO.

Lieutenant Brandon Doulaki

But today LT Doulaki is facing a legal battle that could destroy his career and upend …

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Cody Smith PHF Support

Cody Smith


LATEST UPDATE - February 22, 2024

Read the statement from the AG

The Pipe Hitter Foundation is grateful that Cody Smith will finally be returning home after years of injustice at the hands of the Alabama criminal justice system. Cody Smith’s conviction was “the most astonishing failure” the Alabama Supreme Court ever witnessed in a criminal …

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Michael McMahon PHF Support

Michael McMahon

Meet our newest Pipe Hitter who needs our help. Michael McMahon was an NYPD sergeant during the crime-ravaged 1990s, and received 75 career awards including the Combat Cross following a dangerous criminal pursuit which resulted in a serious career ending injury — Leading him to a new career as a private investigator.
On the morning of October 28, 2020FBI agents swarmed the McMahon home and …

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