Ben Darby PHF Support

Ben Darby

Ben was a well-trained Huntsville police officer who was forced to make a difficult split-second decision while responding to a dangerous 911 call. The situation was cleared by the Incident Review Board, and Ben’s actions were deemed justified. It was determined that he followed all applicable policies and laws. However, soon after Ben was cleared, the Madison County District Attorney began to use …

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Michael McMahon PHF Support

Michael McMahon

Meet our newest Pipe Hitter who needs our help. Michael McMahon was an NYPD sergeant during the crime-ravaged 1990s, and received 75 career awards including the Combat Cross following a dangerous criminal pursuit which resulted in a serious career ending injury — Leading him to a new career as a private investigator. On the morning of October 28, 2020 — FBI agents swarmed the McMahon home and …

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Keith Hogan PHF Support

Keith Hogan

BREAKING NEWS: Not Guilty! Thanks to many kind donors, our team has been fighting hard for Keith and helping his wife and children get through this extremely difficult experience — But the fight is not over yet. While this legal victory is amazing news for Keith and his family, the Hogan’s have drained nearly every financial resource, and invested nearly everything they own into clearing Keith’s …

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Matthew Dages PHF Support

Matthew Dages

Former La Mesa Police Officer Matthew Dages has been politically railroaded and wrongfully terminated by City of La Mesa officials. And now he’s been criminally charged with falsifying a police report - despite no evidence of such an intentional act and substantial case law defending an officer’s perception and observations. Dages was cleared of any use of force during the May 27, 2020 incident, …

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Aaron Howard PHF Support

Aaron Howard

This is yet another example of a politically motivated prosecution of a Navy SEAL who has served this country with distinction and who now risks losing his medical benefits incurred as a result of combat injuries. Facing charges from military prosecutors, Aaron Howard a decorated combat and veteran Navy SEAL has maintained his innocence, passed a pair of polygraph tests, and was found not guilty …

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Dustin Heard PHF Support

Dustin Heard

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, a United States Marine named Dustin Heard and his unit were performing a practice drill at the armory compound in Norfolk, Virginia. They were practicing how to recapture a U.S. embassy from terrorists when their captain pulled them aside. Two airplanes hit the World Trade Center, he told them. Dustin thought the captain had invented the attacks as part of the …

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Evan Liberty PHF Support

Evan Liberty

Evan Liberty was cleaning his room at the barracks at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune when word spread that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Evan didn’t think much of it; he assumed it was a small plane and an accident. He kept on task. When the second plane hit, he ran to a friend’s room to watch the news and saw the first tower fall to the ground. “At that moment, I knew that our lives …

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Nicholas Slatten PHF Support

Nicholas Slatten

Nick Slatten first heard the devastating news about the Sept. 11 terror attacks in his English class at White County High School in Sparta, Tennessee. He was only 17, but he made a critical decision that day. He was not going to be a spectator in the coming war. He was going to participate. Nick’s family had a long history of military service– five generations of Slatten’s defended …

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Paul Slough PHF Support

Paul Slough

Paul Slough’s 9-11 story starts like this: He and his Army buddies in Alpha Unit 3-15 were cleaning their Bradley fighting vehicles at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia. At 9 a.m. his lieutenant walked onto the tarmac and told his unit that The United States was under attack. The funny thing was, they had been talking about where they’d go if their Quick Reaction Force deployed to a hotspot. “We …

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