The Mast Family PHF Support

The Mast Family

The Mast family’s story is one of courage, faith, and fortitude.

It all began in September 2019 when Army Rangers with 1st Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment, carried out a mission against a nest of Al Qaeda foreign fighters in Afghanistan. During a brutal close-quarter fight, the Rangers recovered a wounded infant. The baby’s father died engaging American soldiers, while her mother detonated …

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Ben Darby PHF Support

Ben Darby

Ben was a well-trained Huntsville police officer who was forced to make a difficult split-second decision while responding to a dangerous 911 call. The situation was cleared by the Incident Review Board, and Ben’s actions were deemed justified. It was determined that he followed all applicable policies and laws.

However, soon after Ben was cleared, the Madison County District Attorney began to use …

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Matthew Mistretta PHF Support

Matthew Mistretta

Matthew Mistretta was out on patrol in the late evening of August 21, 2020, when he conducted a traffic stop on an individual he suspected was driving while intoxicated.  

As Matthew and a fellow officer approached the vehicle, a call came over their radios that a shooting had occurred and backup was urgently needed. Matthew’s partner took the call, leaving him alone with two suspects, one of whom …

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Cody Smith PHF Support

Cody Smith

This is the story of former Montgomery (Alabama) Police Officer Aaron Cody Smith. 

Smith was an officer with the Montgomery Police Department and was working night patrol in a high-crime area of Montgomery on February 25, 2016. Smith’s supervisor had ordered him “to stop anything and everything that moves in his district” in an effort to end a string of property crimes that had …

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Michael McMahon PHF Support

Michael McMahon

Meet our newest Pipe Hitter who needs our help. Michael McMahon was an NYPD sergeant during the crime-ravaged 1990s, and received 75 career awards including the Combat Cross following a dangerous criminal pursuit which resulted in a serious career ending injury — Leading him to a new career as a private investigator.
On the morning of October 28, 2020FBI agents swarmed the McMahon home and …

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