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Harrison Tayse Image PHF Story

Harrison Tayse, a young Navy Sailor, may be left with permanent physical injuries after a brutal stabbing at Naval Base Kitsap (Bremerton, WA) on January 27, 2024.

Yet, although he nearly died during this attack, the military is now charging Harrison for defending himself and his friend from the assailant – and Harrison’s career, his benefits, and his future are at stake … again.

(NOTE: The photo of Harrison in the hospital, below, is graphic. But I think it’s critically important to show the full extent of the violence that Harrison survived.)

Harrison Tayse Hospitalized

During a fun and uneventful game of pool among Sailors, Harrison’s assailant lost money. Then, the assailant tried to bully a way out of the room with a knife.

Harrison came to the aid of a friend … and was violently attacked by the assailant.

Harrison was stabbed eight times and nearly died, with the assailant’s knife still lodged in his skull. The assailant believed he had killed Harrison and was found screaming “I am not a murderer!”

After the assailant left Harrison bleeding on the floor, Harrison was medevaced to a trauma center. He had three surgeries to repair his lung, repair an artery, and to remove the assailant’s knife from his skull.

Harrison fought for his life and the life of his friend, and thank God, he survived.

After an NCIS investigation, the military slapped charges on Harrison and placed him on restriction on a military base – the same base his assailant was on!

When Pipe Hitter Foundation heard Harrison’s story, we knew our national network of “pipe hitters” like you had to show our support right away.

Because that’s what we do at the Pipe Hitter Foundation: fight for those who fight for this country and have their back at the times when they most need it.

Harrison is facing a military trial at the end of this summer, likely in August or September.


● article 80 - attempted robbery (for defending his friend who got in a fight with the Sailor that stabbed him. The exchange of money was by Venmo, no cash)

● Article 128 - assault for placing a sailor who stabbed him in a headlock

● Article 134 - Disorderly Conduct (for fighting)

If he’s convicted, Harrison could be sent to the Brig and given a Bad Conduct Discharge. He would lose all the benefits he earned during his military service, including all VA medical benefits, and he may be forced to pay back his signing bonus.

And, as you understand, this could follow him for the rest of his life … along with the potentially permanent physical injuries Harrison sustained during the brutal attack!

Thanks to supporters like you, Harrison has already been able to retain a new lawyer to fight these outrageous charges and stand up for his rights.

While Harrison is just at the beginning of this critical fight for his future, we hope you’ll take a moment to chip in $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can to stand with him.

Your support today will help provide Harrison with the resources, legal expertise, and unwavering advocacy he needs to fight these outrageous charges and keep his hard-earned military benefits.

Harrison Tayse Parents

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