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********LATEST UPDATE********

Brandon received a victory - see his video here

Lieutenant Brandon Doulaki is a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) who enlisted in the Navy in 2011. He first served as a Sea Bee, and he was so successful that he received a commission in 2014 as a SWO.

Lieutenant Brandon Doulaki

But today LT Doulaki is facing a legal battle that could destroy his career and upend his family’s life.

LT Doulaki has been charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances … for medications that were lawfully prescribed and duly noted in his medical record! LT Doulaki never unlawfully possessed any prescription medications at any time.

This is a scenario that should never unfold, and yet, it is a reality that LT Doulaki and his family now confront, as this serviceman now faces an uphill battle against a system that should be protecting him – not prosecuting him.

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